Missing: One Holistic Childbirth Workship

About a month ago, I signed up for a class on holistic birth options at Love the Belly in Silverlake. There are a lot of options out there, after all, and I was curious as to which holistic methods, and in what degrees of extremity, might be suitable for myself and my baby daddy. Hence, the “Holistic Birth Options Workshop”, so we could learn more about which methods – and potential classes – we should be learning more about and signing up for before we go to Cedars-Sinai in mid-June to deliver.

I signed up for the class online and paid the $32.48 (with tax) via PayPal for the 90 minute session. And then today, we drove up to Silverlake, full of questions and anticipation. Where we found Love the Belly – closed. And locked. Puzzling, but maybe it was just because we were late, maybe everyone else was inside already, with the door locked behind them?

Just as I was about to suggest that, a woman with keys to the building came in, letting us into the lobby in the process. And all the lights were off, and it was totally dead inside – no sign of people, much less a workshop. I checked the website on my Blackberry to see if we were supposed to be at a different venue, but no – we had read the website correctly the first time. So we left, and came home, and wondered – WTF? Was it that no-one else signed up and the class was cancelled? Why wasn’t I ever contacted, by the email or phone I provided? Especially when this operation had the chance to sell me more services – more classes, spa services, all kinds of things?

We’re still kind of puzzled, actually. Does anyone have any other suggestions for pre-natal workshops and classes in the Silverlake area? Preferably someplace that remembers when they’re supposed to have a workshop?

5 thoughts on “Missing: One Holistic Childbirth Workship”

  1. That’s strange — I know some people who work with Love the Belly and have only heard nice things about them. No personal experience though, or advice (I didn’t take a birth class at all).

  2. Jillian…congrats on being PG. Check with your pediatrician or OBGYN.

    With our first we did all the classes Kaiser had to offer. In the end we still had Kath levitating off the table, just short of head spinning telling the midwife to STFU “I already know how to breath, its an automatic reflex”.

    In short the classes can tell you what to expect but nature will take its course with no intervention on our part.

  3. Congrats! I’ve got a 16-week old and it’s awesome. Thing will never be the same, and that’s great.

    For birth classes, I took Amy Blain’s at Good Sameritain Hospital (straight down the road, vear right at Lucas). Takes a while at it’s not the cheapest, but when our baby decided to come, we were way more ready than we would have been otherwise. And rather than make us more controlling or neurotic, the knowledge we gained freed us to relax and be in the moment.


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