28 thoughts on “L.A. vs LA: Putting an end to improper abbreviations”

  1. Contradictorily, in your previous post about the helicopter crash on the 110 you identify the local paper as the “LA Times.” What happened between then and now?

  2. nah, except in cases of hurricanes or mardi gras I think most people know which LA you are talking about anyways.

  3. Might you develop your argument a bit further? Are people reading this blog really confused about which LA is being talked about? Would one put periods after the L and the A in Spanish (I’m guessing no)?

    I’m all for grammatical nit-picking, btw.

    Since there’s a NOLA, I guess we could be LACA.

    Rhymes with caca. Ugh.

  4. My copyeditor at LAT’s with you. I feel bad about his having to go into every post to change every LA to L.A., every am to a.m., etc. etc.

  5. Oh boy, where do I start. I really don’t care, we all say “Ellay” and write LA so I think its pretty easy to know what we are talking about.

    OF course it is the official postal abbreviation for the Louisianna, but other than snail mail heading that way I don’t think it matters.

  6. Siel: Yup, that’s what I learned at Journalism school. L (dot) A (dot) unless it’s part of a proper acronym (i.e. LAUSD, LAPD, LACMA, etc).

    Interesting, since there is a group of Louisiana transplants and Angelenos of Louisiana heritage known as “LA-LA” who organize our local Mardi Gras festivals.

    Of course Frazgo doesn’t care, he’s from MO! (So that’s…Monrovia or Missouri? :))

  7. Will: I had an epiphany.

    Marshall: I’m not nitpicking. I’m addressing one serious issue that I’ve never seen addressed. Don’t periods have rights too?

    West Coast Girlie: The problem extends beyonds just this one blog. LAist? Pfft. Should be L.A.ist.

    Fraz: The problem come when people search Google for the best coffee in Louisiana – why should they have to type out the name of the state?

    Thanks, Joe, 5000!, Elson, and Siel’s copy editor – the revolution begins!

  8. I’m for periods in L.A.

    People who have issues with periods in the abbreviation of Los Angeles tend to be the same people who will fight to the death for a “fact” they found on wikipedia.

    Do we want to be that person?


  9. Oh elson…am not from missouri just happened to get stuck there when my dad was transferred there, let the record show I bailed long before everyone else in my family.

    The whole debate is funny and you see it both ways.

    I google LA for kicks and giggles and the first 6 hits were for Los Angles, then one for the state, then back to Los Angeles. Not that I’d argue that is a basis for no periods, but it happened.

  10. State abbreviations are found with a city name preceding and a comma between. Otherwise a state name is written out. Are you expecting geeks to write d.i.m.m. or n.a.s.a.? o.r.l.y.?

  11. I have to say, while I am for periods in L.A. I don’t always use them, but I don’t hate the idea of periods.

    I do not hate the idea of periods in abbreviations.


  12. I wasn’t accusing you of nitpicking, I was more trying to warn you away from it.

    I’m a strong believer that inflexible spelling and grammatical nitpicking is the refuge of a small mind.

  13. If you want to start a movement against the “lazy neglect of periods,” then you might want to make sure next time that you don’t neglect the period after “Los Angeles” when you include one after “Louisiana.”

  14. If you want to start a movement against the “lazy neglect of periods,” then you might want to make sure next time that you don’t neglect the period after “Los Angeles” when you include one after “Louisiana.”

  15. Oh, the challenges of living – or writing about the Pacific or Gulf coasts.

    The AP, er A.P…. OK, Associated Press uses ‘LA’ for Los Angeles and ‘La’ for Louisiana, including in typically upper-case headlines.


    Brian Humphrey
    L.A. FD

  16. I am more for the use of spell check by the blogging authors than periods. Most of the blogging posts are good, without basic spelling errors. However, there are a few bloggers who need to use spell check before they post. This matters a helluva lot more than L.A. versus LA.

  17. Well, doesn’t “LA” have the added benefit of looking all casual and laid back? If we wanted to be uptight, we could move to N.Y., NY! :)

    But, honestly, I’ve used both and never really thought about it. Now that I have, I think I’ll settle on LA. Sorry.

    If it helps, I still like the Oxford comma!

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