Sam Zell, please fire whoever hired the L.A. Times commercial agency that made this ad.

latimescom.pngIf the Valley Ball commercial I posted the other day is the worst local commercial to air in Los Angeles, this one for the L.A. Times is arguably in second place. But it sucks not just in the apparent effort put into casting and directing it, but for the overall blandness of it that keeps me from having the video appear on Metroblogging’s front page.

It also earns stale brownie for managing to make the Times readers it features look as stupid and warped as possible, thanks to a fisheye lense.

The L.A. Times has a history of making some horrible commercials that they place in local theatres to appear before the trailers. In the mid-90s, some were actually half decent “behind the scenes” looks at filmmaking (anyone remember the “get me a spinner” line?). This one is a bit newer and is just crying for a remix/reedit… perhaps into a skin cleanser commercial.

Watch after the jump.

9 thoughts on “Sam Zell, please fire whoever hired the L.A. Times commercial agency that made this ad.”

  1. It could totally be mashed up into a buncha goatse virgin reactions. Or two girls one cup.

  2. I can still recite the behind-the-scenes one called Best Boy because it was a) played so damned often and b) damn amusing: “Gimme a keg, a polecat, an inky-dink, a scoop, a brute an’ a deuce …”

    How pathetic is that?

  3. In the mid 1990s, the L.A. Times sponsored a billboard series of spots that prompted me to rake the granite-and-shit-stained sidewalks of Hollywood one early morning while wandering to my post office box on Wilcox. If anyone wants a copy of that parody I will be glad to e-mail it. It is nearly as obnoxious as the video spot that prompted this bit and shows that the Times is not new in stupid advertising.

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