Marijuana Vending Machines Hit LA

In Japan, you can get just about anything you want in a vending machine: a phone, a coke, panties.
So we are definitely ‘turning Japanese I really think so’. Anyway, here in LA we’ve got the arrival of “Anytime Vending Machines” . Herbal Nutrition Center, a Medical Marijuana Dispensary, has installed one slated to jumpstart on Monday at it’s location on Melrose and Western.

But…. before you jump into your car to score some weed, it’s not as easy as it sounds. First and foremost, you have to be a medical marijuana patient with a valid prescription. You have to get your meds from this dispensary and have a special card that works in conjunction with your fingerprint that they make especially for the vending machine.

Now I know a lot of people are gonna scoff, but if you are one of the many Medical Marijuana Patients who use this type of pain relief, this is a cool godsend. The owners say it will be cheaper and more convenient for the patients.

And I think it’s kinda wild.

6 thoughts on “Marijuana Vending Machines Hit LA”

  1. Great post. When I first saw the teaser I thought wow…how are we going to make sure its going to someone with a prescription…you answered with biometric security. Works for me.

    Ever the cynic, when should we start the countdown to the day the machine is heisted during the night?

  2. yeah… I wondered about the security aspect too.
    But I’m more curious to see if people will actually use it.

  3. They say there will be security guys nearby, no doubt with the munchies.

    I’m more interested in the guys in the unmarked van which surely will be parked close by, snapping photos and writing down license plate numbers of any customers. In any case, I suspect the feds will be paying this machine a visit very soon.

    Somewhat related, the Calif. Supreme Court ruled earlier this week that pot smokers can be fired by their employers, even if they have a prescription and haven’t been smoking on the job. Given that it’s not illegal under Calif. law, I thought the ruling was pretty odd.

  4. DB, not that I agree with it but I suspect that its similar to the rule being applied to pilots, not a drink within something like 8 hours prior to flying.

    I’ve had other jobs in the past where drug use was part of the screening where any detectable use indications was enough to prevent the hiring.

    Just saying…I agree with your take, just that there are some precedents out there they rely on.

  5. As a patient myself, this sounds like too much of a hassle. There are hundreds of dispensaries around, and the whole fingerprinting thing doesn’t sound right. The AVM only has 2 strains (there are 30+ strains at most shops), so it wouldn’t surprise me if this was a Fed scheme…. especially with all the press it’s getting.

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