KITT and the Woobies

I’m not really sure if a creepy talking car is qualified, let alone legally allowed, to teach your kids “how things grow” and “where you come from,” (and with a temptation of “woobies” but in these mid 80’s spots for the Museum of Science & Industry (now the California Science Center), KITT from Knight Rider seems to think so.

And for $2.00 a call, he’ll also tell you how to get a free woobie. (Thats $2 a call, not $2 a minute, today’s rate having someone talk to you til you get a woobie).

Another version:

2 thoughts on “KITT and the Woobies”

  1. Holy crap. That commercial just unlocked a piece of my childhood brain. I must have seen that ad 1000 times as a kid, during after school cartoons.


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