I’m Using My Tax Rebate to Buy a Train


The noise is getting louder, isn’t it?

As Sean was penning a letter to Pam O’Connor at Metro, I was sending the following email to Wendy Greuel, Los Angeles City Council, District 2:

Dear Wendy:

It appears that I have come into some money, to the tune of 600 big ones, courtesy of the United States Government. I am supposed to use this money to help bolster the national economy. I would like to start, by giving it back to Los Angeles.

Recently you made bold strides to design a master transportation plan for L.A. A plan which, to date, did not exist. I am not alone in supporting you in your endeavors. There are many of us. We are citizens who pay taxes. Citizens who call L.A. home. Citizens who vote.

I believe the time has arrived for serious discussion on improving the Los Angeles Metro Rail network. I wanted to start with you, because I live in your district.

I hereby pledge to give my entire federal rebate to begin breaking ground on a Red Line extension under Ventura Boulevard. I think Warner Center to Burbank is a good start.

I know $600 isn’t a lot. But, maybe it will help buy a few shovels to start digging at Universal City. Maybe a few others will follow suit. Those who are tired of traffic. Those who are tired of politics. Those who want a better Los Angeles.

Think it over, Wendy. You can always reach me, and thousands of your constituents at blogging.la.


Jason Burns
North Hollywood

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8 thoughts on “I’m Using My Tax Rebate to Buy a Train”

  1. Although i would love to see this, isn’t this a little redundant with the Orange Line? How about focusing on the Northern Extension of the Orange Line (to CSUN?), North Hollywood to Pasadena, and something over the Sepulveda Pass?

  2. The problem with the Olive line as it is outlined only will serve a small faction or fraction of the people that go to those destinations.

    It’s a start but you need to address everyone that goes there from the SGV/IE or Thousand Oaks/Agoura. Unless you make it possible for those groups which are a tremendous portion of the people going to those destinations you aren’t going to get the freeway traffic reduction or local street traffic reductions that is needed.

    Noah is making a direct hit RE Pasadena to NoHo or the Burbank Studios. A lot of people here in the SGV commute there daily. The 134 will remained jammed with cars after an “olive line” as it does nothing to serve those commuters.

    Plug away Jason, just make sure you look at the bigger picture of those that go into those areas.
    I’ll keep plugging the big picture approach. Eventually someone in Metro will get the clue that we want rail/subway that works and what to do to make it work.

  3. Believe me, this is only a piece of the puzzle. I think there HAS to be a connection between the Valleys.

    All I want is for them to have the guts to draw up a COMPLETE map, and say that even though we don’t have the money yet, here is where the lines should go.

  4. How about you and I do that and post it as hey Metro this is what we want that will work. Overlay the existing…extend where needed and voila we are done. AFTER that the NIMBY’s can start the sphincter winks and organizing.

    For me, and this is just from working in a corporate cube, if you put it up piece meal you don’t get the buy in needed for the whole project.

    I have some crayons, you?

  5. Actually, I think a light rail line that would connect to Burbank would be a great idea–at least a long overdue one.

    Who ever said extending the Orange line (which is a transit way, not a light rail line) to Pasadena seriously needs to reconsider his/her request. There are plenty of people in Burbank who would welcome a light rail line that would connect them to the rest of the system. I, for one, would support the idea.

  6. RDM I have to agree there is no fear of redundancy. The urgency is getting it to the maximum points of dense travel so it is meaningful, which oddly would mean most cost effective with riders clamoring to get on.

    I wonder if any of them ever played SimCity4 with the Transportation update?

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