Hail to the Foothills


Ping, ping, ping on my bedroom window this morning around 5:20.  What could it be?  Hail falling, steady and hard for about 10 minutes.  More like pea gravel falling but enough to pool and puddle bringing the closest to a winter wonderland I have seen in years on my front walk.  Total rainfall from this set in my little burg is just over 1 inch.  Not a drought breaker but it means another week or two I can keep my sprinklers turned off.

Pic by me with the trusty phone cam.  Color and stuff is funky due to the CFL lamp in the porch light.

8AM Update…couple more pics per request after the jump


I hate scraping windows so I can go anywhere…afterall isn’t that part of why we stay in So Cal?


I do wish this one would fit in the garage, but I can’t have everything…


Just a little clearer pic of the hail on my stoop.

6 thoughts on “Hail to the Foothills”

  1. yah, it woke me up too. i’m actually kinda skeptical if it was hail. thanks for taking this picture…if you have a couple more, would you mind emailing to me?

  2. That wasn’t hail, it was sleet. I grew up in eastern PA and Cleveland where there was real winter. Sleet is frozen raindrops that fall from the clouds once they’re frozen. Hail usually can only happen in summer months where frozen raindrops spend more cycles cooling and freezing in the clouds. They’re usually bigger than sleet and happened more often during thunderstorms, at least where I was from.

    Incidentally, according to wikipedia, the Brits don’t use the word sleet, calling it hail instead.

  3. Actually having grown up in the UP of Mi and the ozarks it looked like hail not what we would have called sleet or freezing rain. Not much of a difference as it was still wet hard rain. And we do get hail in our winter storms, lost a windshield once already because of it.

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