Extended Stay: The Life of a Professional Extra

Extended Stay Worth a watch for those of you pondering a glorious career in Hollywood is photographer Pamela Littky’s Extended Stay, an interesting short doc that examines a week in the life of professional extra Jim Jenson. Even if you don’t sit the entire thing, it’s worth a gander just for the first few minutes featuring a voicemail from a casting director describing what to expect for an upcoming PIrates of the Caribbean audition. Unfortunately, the video is buried in a non-searchable, non-linkable Flash site so I can give you a direct link, but you can find it on Littky’s site under “Director’s Reel.”

One thought on “Extended Stay: The Life of a Professional Extra”

  1. Excellent little movie. Sad, and it made my tummy hurt watching Mr. Jenson demonstrating his accents.
    Maybe he should move his dreamcatcher to the window?

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