Cheddar for the People


The government wants us to spend money to save America. So, they’re giving us some.

From CNN:

  • Deal would give taxpaying individuals $600, couples filing jointly $1,200, sources say
  • Parents may get $300 more per child, sources say
  • GOP will allow lesser rebates for people who don’t pay income taxes, sources say
  • Democrats won’t push food stamp aid hike, extension of unemployment benefits

America. F**k yeah!

If you had to spend it in L.A, where would your money go?

A) rent
B) charity
C) bottle service
D) all of the above

18 thoughts on “Cheddar for the People”

  1. $600 is a joke. Since the impetus for this is the mortgage mess, how will a one-time ‘gift’ of $600 help people make their payments? Ridiculous. 3 possibilities:

    1)You need money so bad that this will help you – for one month. Hooray.
    2)You have no concept of finances and will spend it on frivolous things, considering it “free money”
    3)You’re smart and will save it, considering it “free money”

  2. Me thinks this is election year foolery. Won’t solve anything but gives our candidates a “I did something about it” bullshit line.

    If I did qualify, I’d put the money in the bank.

  3. the government needs to stop helping people that were stupid enough to take out loans they couldn’t afford anyway.

  4. This isn’t about the mortgage “crisis”. That’s a different bailout. This is about the impending it-feels-like-a-recession. The idea is it’s just enough money that folks will run out and spend it right away, instead of saving it, essentially injecting the cash into the economy. Trickle up, as opposed to trickle down.

  5. Oh I am all over this and won’t disappoint the lawmakers who gave me this gift. I’ll use it to stimulate the economy and make the purchases we were saving for. Yup…am a cash only guy, no credit cards with the exception of the 2 for gas only.

    What will I do with it? We’ve been saving for a couple of things that fall as luxury. I doubt it will arrive in time for spring break travel but summer vacation will certainly get a boost.

    I’m with the not bailing out people who took those high risk adjustable mortgages, but this is about helping everyone not just them. I do think that giving some people mad money to offset the increased cost of living will give the economy some short term stability.

    Long term stability needs a couple of fixes, the biggy is once and for all developing some alternative energy sources that won’t leave us hostage with the oil producing countries desires to make the most of their limited and dwindling resources.

  6. PS…cheddar is the highschool slang for that mess that grows on peoples teeth when they don’t brush well or often. Thought you might want to file that away for future reference.

  7. Finally, I will be able to fulfill my lifelong dream of buying a bar a drink. Thank you George.

  8. Last time the government handed out money to stimulate the economy (was it 2001?) I heard we were going to get $300 (I was single then) and my check arrived and I was glad as I had just gone freelance the year before and every dollar counted. My check was for $53 because it was based on my income from the previous year (or something) and my previous year was not so good. $53 couldn’t even come close to hiring a guy to stimulate my–well, you get the picture.

  9. Seriously, fuck the bank: cash and stash. Stuff it in the mattress. This latest endeavor to prop the economy is doomed to failure anyhow, benefit yourself by stuffing 6 crisp Benjamins’ somewhere for a very rainy day.

  10. Speaking of gay-ass weddings, it’s important to remind you that as a married couple, my partner and I would get $1200, but as a gay couple, only one of us will be eligible, so there’s a $600 gay tax for you right there.

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