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A co-worker of mine was just saying today that he wishes Downtown had some bars he could hit before the Garth Brooks concert at the Staples Center. First, I set him straight about not having to relegate himself to Garth and Matchbox Twenty concerts just because he’s 30. Second, I schooled him on how much Downtown L.A. has changed, and I threw in half a dozen bars within stumbling distance to Staples.

Then, I get an email from Matt at the Chapman Flats at 8th & Broadway. How is this for timing? It’s a for a meeting to kick off the Bringing Back Broadway Initiative, Jose Huizar’s plan to revitalize the Broadway Theatre District in the Historic Core. It’s an open invitation at yet another inconvenient hour for people who have jobs.

If you live, work, or play Downtown, you may want to RSVP and check this thing out. They’ll discuss plans for a streetcar system and how Broadway will integrate with surrounding developments like L.A. Live and the Grand.

I expect a full report come Monday from the boys at Angelenic.

Bringing Back Broadway
Monday, January 28, 2008
Los Angeles Theatre, 615 S. Broadway
Arrivals 9:30 am, Press Conference 10:00, Reception follows

RSVP with names of people in your party to:

[email protected] or 213-978-3020

4 thoughts on “Bringing Back Broadway”

  1. How interesting, my in-laws both remember the Broadway of the 1940’s being quite the place for night life. My mother-in-law grew up in Long Beach and can remember that downtown was starting to slide when the monied set followed Bullock’s to its new Wilshire address. According to her as a child that was THE place to go for Santa, afternoon tea etc., in the 1940’s.

    My father-in-law says that downtown declined with all the Hollywood types going to places like the Coconut Grove and others.

    My wifes grandfather left them with a nice treasure trove if pictures on Broadway from that era when it was really a place to party.

    Kind of nice to hear that some 60 years later a new group is going to bring that back. Nicer still if they keep all the old buildings and their charm and history, just recycle to newer uses.

  2. I have been trying to get my brother-in-law to dig them up and give them to me. Besides being a great family history for my kids, which oddly are 3rd generation Angelenos going on my wifes side of the tree, its also a nice history of LA.

    My father-in-law loved this city and was such a great wealth of information on how much has changed and how little has changed.

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