The worst local commercial to ever air in Los Angeles

Here’s one commercial that only get worse every time I see it. Its so bad I feel compelled to watch it again and again, just so I can hate it even more. I start thinking of things like “did someone actually spend time scripting this, and thought it was funny?” and ” what’s the deal with the doctor’s name (‘Quack’) being placed on his scrubs with masking tape?” and “is that guy who says ‘smokin’ hot chicks’ at the end a patron, an employee, or was he casted?”

10 thoughts on “The worst local commercial to ever air in Los Angeles”

  1. I made a radio commercial with these guys. That guy is the guy who actually runs the place. he thinks he’s some sort of guido player.

    oily hair

    disorganized staff

    fat young lackies who are eager to please

    they made us do about 14 revisions on a 30 second spot and it turned out terrible

  2. One can only imagine that this is where the writers cut their teeth before moving on to Six Feet Under, Small Wonder and other remarkable teevee programmes.

  3. So the bar has just been set on fire, swept up, and blasted into space.

    I guess that could be good, depending on if you are objective about things like bad taste.

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