Rare “Big Boy” issue number one, now online.


ASIFA-Hollywood has just posted scans of issue number one of “The Adventures of Big Boy” written by Stan Lee and drawn by Bill Everett in 1956.

Published by Timely Comics, which later changed their name to Marvel, (maybe you’ve heard of them) The Adventures of Big Boy is one of the World’s Oldest continuously running comic book lines, still being produced over fifty years later.

Bob Wian opened his first Big Boy restaurant twenty years earlier in Glendale, and turned animator Benny Washam’s caricature of a local boy into a franchise juggernaut.

The whole story, which is pretty damn cool, if you ask me, is on the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive website, along with the comic.
(ASIFA is actually a French acronym:”Association Internationale du Film D’Animation” Who knew?)

Thanks to Boing Boing for hipping me to this.

4 thoughts on “Rare “Big Boy” issue number one, now online.”

  1. Thanks for the link! The ASIFA Archive is located in Burbank, a half block from Chili John’s stop by for a visit sometime. We’re open Tuesday through Friday from 1pm to 9pm.

  2. I actually worked for the guy who drew the Big Boy comics for less than a day… very nice man, Manfred Bernhard, since passed. My job was going to be handling all the Big Boy fan club memberships and corresponance. Alas, it paid too little for quite a lot of work, but it was quite a trip to discover that the Big Boy comic I read growing up in the Midwest was being made in a small CT town, a thousand miles from the nearest Big Boy.

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