Belated Parking Jackass

I took this picture nearly two weeks ago, but the idiocy and rudeness of this parking job definitely holds up:


I guess the driver didn’t want anyone scratching the cherry paint job on his… Ford. (Seen at Smart & Final on Western.)

10 thoughts on “Belated Parking Jackass”

  1. If I had my smart car I’d park to his left and watch him freak looking for door dings.

    Its a car. I have kids so mine look like someone ran a rake down the side a week after I had them.
    Whatever. It’s point a to point b. An appliance just like a fridge.

  2. As a person who does not own a car and only uses a bike and public transport to get around I will self righteously say, “Isn’t pretty much anyone who drives a parking jacka**?”

    Of course I’m being a bit facetious, but at times it boggles my mind at how people who drive cars themselves get so irritated by other people who are doing the exact same thing, but a little less politely.


  3. Dude, stop being a squeaky wheel. If the lot was full, i would understand. But there’s about 10 other spaces i see from this picture alone, and probably 100 more open spaces closer to location you came to park for in the first place.

  4. WRONG! Just because there was somewhere for me to park does not make this guy’s parking job acceptable.

    For the record, he was parked directly across from the door. I never park that close, but that is irrelevant. I snapped the picture on my way in because THAT PERSON IS A JACKASS. It doesn’t matter how many people s/he did or did not inconvenience, S/HE IS A JACKASS.

    Oh, wait. It’s your car, isn’t it? Sorry, JACKASS.

  5. Funny, it’s not even a big car…sometimes I see big cars doing this and it is understandable, but this guy is just an idot.

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