Street Seen: Venice @ La Cienega
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Despite my appreciation of the light-brown pit while we all waited for the light yesterday morning, her mid-bark posture and wary attention demonstrated that the admiration was not at all mutual.

6 thoughts on “Street Seen: Venice @ La Cienega”

  1. Skip the doggies…check out that 1960 Chev with the Continental Kit…now there is a “found on road alive” post if there ever was one!

  2. Frazgo, thanks for answering my question before I could ask it! What first caught my eye in this picture was the sweet red car in the back, not the dog.

  3. Maybe if we spraypaint the canine candyapple red and strap a continental kit onto its ass it’ll get some love?

  4. Yeah Slack…he loves those pups…I see him down at that corner all the time, but not begging and he doesn’t appear to be strung out.

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