Are the Rams in Play?


Los Angeles hasn’t had an NFL team since 1995. Could its long-lost sons be coming home?

With the passing of owner Georgia Frontiere, her children Dale “Chip” Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez inherit the St. Louis Rams. They split 60 percent of the team, with Chip retaining the controlling share.

Chip just happens to be a successful writer, producer, and director who lives in Los Angeles. He’s also married, with two children. This makes Chip a busy guy. Keep the team in the family – or sell?

From STLtoday:

Those who know Rosenbloom say he feels a great sense of responsibility in making it work in St. Louis, and he wants the team’s fans to know that ownership cares.

I’m sure Chip’s father, Carroll Rosenbloom, also felt a great sense of responsibility in making it work while the team was in Los Angeles.

Let’s get down to brass tacks, Chip. Move the Rams back to Los Angeles. In exchange, we are prepared to offer you the following:

  • State-of-the-art stadium in Downtown Los Angeles
  • Corporate naming rights (Scientology Stadium!)
  • A Metro “Ram” Line
  • New throwback uniforms for the team and practice squad
  • A lifetime’s worth of team apparel for your family
  • Full scholarship for your kids to any university in California
  • Unlimited spa packages for your lovely wife
  • Free In-N-Out truck at your house after every win

Think it over, Chip. It’s time for a reunion.

5 thoughts on “Are the Rams in Play?”

  1. those credits make him a success? has anybody ever heard of those movies? it appears daddy’s money allowed dale to fund and attach his name to a bunch of crap

  2. Please no! Please no! Please no!

    For God’s sake, no more leftovers or throwaways. Can’t we please have an team of our own? LA born and bred, not some team moved here because of a business opportunity.

    Really, I’m willing to wait another decade if that’s what it takes. Georgia gave us the finger, more than once. The Rams left Los Angeles twenty eight years ago! They no longer belong to us. Please don’t bring them back.

  3. As A boyhood rabid fan of the Rams from the 1950’s who cheered Norm Van Brocklin and booed Billy Wade, I say hell no to bringing the Rams back unless they are willing to confess their sins and assume the full financial responsibility of the move (ha ha ). So dream on you nfl addicts, it ain’t gonna happen. My fatherly advice to you: Get a Life !

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