17 thoughts on “Virgin On Sunset Is Gone”

  1. Actually, just a blow to stucco and rebar.

    Not terribly surprising – that place has been largely empty for years. Sad, though – it was great to browse at before or after a movie at the Sunset 5 upstairs.

  2. Wha…? When did this happen? Dang, I liked their books section a *lot*. Guess I’ll have to journey to Hennessey & Ingalls all the way cross town from now on.

  3. Wow, I remember when that corner was mowed down and they went in as the “next big thing”.

  4. We hit the store on Sunday for its final, 40-to-50 % off everything sale (details here). But there weren’t a lot of bargains to be had; I assume most of the inventory will just be shipped to other remaining Virgins.

  5. Excellent point Will. Let’s remember that the next time a City Council member tells us about the glorious future the destruction of our past will bring.

  6. Yes Will I know what they tore down to get that fixed. That is kind of LA in a nut shell too many times tear something down and build new instead of recycling a building with some character and history. That is the one thing that amazes me about even our East Coast cities…buildings with history and many different “lives” as businesses, homes and back again. Here…pfft gone and something entirely new in its place. Not always better, certainly not always worse but just eliminating history and roots.

  7. I lived just around the corner when that center was built and it dramatically improved WeHo. The Laemmle, Buzz, it was all good. Even Virgin was tremendous in its day. I don’t even remember what used to be there.

  8. Ugh. Now I will have nothing to do before and after screenings at the Laemlle’s. I will have to make do with staring at the numbnuts coming in and out of Crunch (apologies to you if you work out at Crunch and are NOT a numbnut)

  9. Meh… their prices were outrageous. I went to Amoeba today and they were packed with customers.

  10. I’ll miss their little British DJ! During the store’s 15 years, I don’t remember a single time I went there when he was not live, in the booth, spinning discs and chatting. I hope he finds work soon.

    I’ll also miss their nice book selection. Wish they kept that part of the store open.

  11. they just didn’t renew their lease…only the hollywood and highland store remains open. it’s not that far from the sunset one…no big deal.

  12. I used to work there for 2 yrs until 2002, still one of the best jobs I ever had. This is very sad news for me. @ SpinsLPs-That British DJ (DJ Dave) now works at the touristy Hollywood Virgin, still chattin away :)

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