Vampira follow-up

m_8240b56e22c5964b7393a31bf04df4cc.jpgThanks to everyone for the overwhelming response to my Vampira/Maila Nurmi post.

Clearly this remarkable woman was loved the world over.

Maila died with very little means and a few of her friends are making funeral arrangements with the cooperation of a distant niece. She has given permission to arrange for a funeral service and a niche at Hollywood Forever cemetery.

Maila will also have her last ride in the same beautiful 1951 Cadillac hearse in which she rode in several times with her friends Bryan and Heather.

Many many comments on my post offered help, and now is the time to give it.

Visit the official Myspace page or see “Plan 9 form Outer Space” at the Vista Theater in Hollywood on Jan. 25th. All proceeds will be donated to help out.

Donations should either be sent to:
The Maila Nurmi Memorial Fund
c/o Frattai & Salem
9229 Sunset Blvd. #414
Los Angeles, CA 90069

*Please make checks out to The Maila Nurmi Memorial Fund.*

PayPal to [email protected], and yes, every dollar counts.

If you ever saw “Plan 9 from Outer Space” and laughed, please help.

If you ever wondered where the goth subculture started, please help.

If you ever wanted to give back to someone who really needed it, please help.

10 thoughts on “Vampira follow-up”

  1. “If you ever wanted to give back to someone who really needed it, please help.”

    Really? A dead person needs help more than, say, the innumerable homeless folks in our fair city, or the countless children who will go without food tonight? Why is this important? She’s dead! I liked Plan 9, and I’m sorry to hear of her passing, but she’s dead! Maybe someone should have had a fund-raiser to improve her quality of life while she was alive. She doesn’t benefit any from having a nice funeral! Why does anyone give a flying fuck where her lifeless remains are buried? I can’t fucking believe anyone thinks this is a worthwhile cause while there are people starving and dying from exposure every day in this world.


  2. In regards to the heartwarming and empathetic post, I did have several fundraisers for Maila while she was alive, including the 2005 World’s Longest Hearse Procession where we paid Maila quite well and her birthdays, where we passed a card and filled it with cash to help out. No one asked for thanks on these occasions, we just did it because Maila was our friend, just like we’re doing now. Several of the other people involved in the fund raiser also helped her out in spades while she was alive.

    I hope that answers your rant about the state of humanity and the true meaning of what friends do for you when you’re alive and when you die.

    It’s easy to be a smug and jaded fanboy sipping your Starbucks from behind a keyboard, but a real person takes action in real life like I and several of her friends have.

    If it makes you feel better, give the bum at the freeway offramp a quarter. Then maybe you’ll have actually done something to alieve your guilt and angst, if you can afford the quarter and the gesture.

    Nah, just keep blogging about your outrage. At least that’s free, ya friendless cheapskate. No doubt yours will be one small funeral, unlike Maila’s. At least people have heard of her.

    Bryan Moore

  3. Thank you for the information, I’m sure lots of people are willing to help, me included.
    Could you, her friends, tell us who aren’t able to come to LA how her last journey and funeral went and post some photo’s to her website? Tastefully done, of course.

  4. Gee, it was great of Colinski to take time away from his many philanthropic endeavors to slap us all back to reality. I am, indeed, grateful, that such compassion is so articulately expressed as an example for the rest of us. Can you say ‘troll’?

  5. It’s my own personal experience that people who like to play the “why aren’t we taking care of the homeless” card *usually* aren’t doing anything to help the problem themselves. But it sounds good to say and will at least assure you an honorary good guy badge for saying it.

    That said, in lieu of being able to be on-hand to pay my respects in person I will donate a few dollars for her services. I won’t say “it’s the least I can do” because I find that phrase distasteful, but also because I’m not exactly made of money at the moment. However being the ardent fan of Americana that I am there’s no way I could resist doing my part.

  6. Well, it was time to go. It is sad to see the you can’t “go” in a better way, but that’s life for some.

    I guess the choice of words was not correct about “needing” the help. In reality, you are paying homage and want to do it in what is -in your mind- a more dignified way for this person to go down and be remembered (I guess). Whatever you want to do is for no one else’s business to come around and F* you around with his/her self righteous BS.

    Colinski you F***wit attention seeker (and filth mouth… and probably brain, too)

    I’d like to see you poking your head up again for me to smash it right down. Just try and see…

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