Martin Luther King, Jr. Day notices

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speaking at civil rights rally at Los Angeles Coliseum, June 1, 1964 (from the LA Times Archives at UCLA, used under Creative Commons.)

CLOSED TODAY: Federal, state, and county, and city offices; mail delivery; schools; and banks.

Parking enforcement WILL NOT be in effect in the City of Los Angeles for parking meters, or spots with no parking and no stopping signs with specific time limits, or preferential parking signs ( “unless signs indicate Holiday Enforcement or Daily Enforcement”). [LA DOT}

Fortunately for L.A. residents, Starbucks and Pinkberry will have regular hours, and trash pickup and public transporation will operate as usual.

For striking writers, picketing tomorrow is optional – although striking at the Kingdom Day Parade is encouraged, and Fans4Writers is rallying its readers to join the line at NBC Burbank from 2:30pm to 5:30pm.

The Daily News has a round up MLK related events around Los Angeles, including a 2.5 mile parade on King, Jr Blvd, between Crenshaw and Leimart Park, community service projects in Gardena, and other celebrations.

And for your listening pleasure, audio from King’s February 26, 1965 speech at the Temple Israel of Hollywood, posted online by the Jewish Journal (h/t LA Observed).

Part One:

Part Two:

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