Celebrate King: Practice Tolerance


The Kingdom Day parade will be kicking off at 11 am and KNBC will have live coverage until 1 pm.
Mural located at 1828 54th St and Vermont in South Los Angeles

Although we in Los Angeles live a rather quotidian multicultural existence, it is worth remembering that King Day was not celebrated nationally until the year 2000; that even Pakistan managed to elect a female head of state before the US*; that a little over 15 years ago, racism literally sent the city up in flames and that there are plenty of jerks still left in our fair town.

So take a moment and hug your femmes, your queers, your rainbow of a neighborhood, and thank goodness we live in a town like LA. Yet, should I point out now that our city is still segregated? For all its microcosmic diversity, the macrocosm is quite delineated. When was the last time you went into South LA for some soul food?

*While this is not necessarily an endorsement of Hillary, all I mean to say is, “C’mon ladies, get with it. Arianna? someone? please? Fuck, I’ll even take Oprah.”

3 thoughts on “Celebrate King: Practice Tolerance”

  1. Emily, out of curiosity when’s the last time you went down to south LA and ate soul food? Any tips about good places beyond M&Ms and Phillips in Leimert Park? I would really like to know, BTW there is THE best fried chicken at Honeys Kettle on Alondra just west of the 710 in Compton.

    You know, growing up an ELA barrio kid I had limited exposure to anglos and their culture (beyond what they force feed you thru TV and school), and held all the misconceptions festering in areas where whites do not tread. As I got older and met tons of cool hueros (including the white flight leftovers in the SGV, SE cities) and triend my hardest to make those misconceptions melt away (despite the reoccurring incidents that validate the stereotypes).

    I have to say that NOTHING validates those horrible stereotypes more than the anonymous racist trash many people post on these urbanist blogs, nothing at all (except for the occassional jaunt to disneyland or the high desert). Kudos to all the white folks (and minorities) breaking down stereotypes and embracing other cultures. Shame on anonymous racist commentors.

    Happy King Day

  2. all the best places i know of seem to concentrate around leimert park. since i work in south LA, i am lucky enough to eat soul food on a regular basis: office parties and PTA meetings are uaully a soul food smorgasbord. the secretaries hab=ndle this, though; food just shows up magically. i always ask where it came from, but i always forget (d’oh). furthermore, with a half hour lunch and teaching duties, this usually means i bring my lunch, or a coworker is kind enough to pick something up. they know of better places than i do.

    seeing as how i am trying to keep fit though, after work, i usually hit up “simply wholesome” at 4508 slauson. my favorite is the rainbow bang shake. the sandwiches are awesome, and quite a variety (vegan and veggie friendly, btw).

    if i’m feeling naughty, i’ll hit up burger planet on broadway and slauson.

    point is, since i work in south LA, im lucky enough to eat around there. but since i’m on a teachers salary, eating out often is a luxury.

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