The Readers Strike Back!

Our most commented on entries for the past seven days: Vampira never dies; landmark restaurants; mmmm…steak!; paranoid minority neighbors; and Sherman Oaks moviegoers suck.

RIP Vampira, aka Maila Nurmi: The condolences and memories keep coming in… alas, still no word on memorial or funeral services.

The Top 7 landmark restaurants in Los Angeles: Reader’s take issue at some glaring oversights and one unusually unqualified inclusion in a list by ABC7.

Best Steak in LA? Tammara asked, and readers answered. Can I add the black angus burger from McDonalds or the sirloin ciabatta burger from Jack In the Box?

What Year Is It?  Helen has a cranky new neighbor – a bizarro version of Archie Bunker – who thinks the neighborhood doesn’t like him because he’s black. Some readers think he’s a dick, while others identify.

The Virus of Dumb is Spreading: The new Arclight Sherman Oaks has the fancy Arclight reserved seats, but the same chatty audiences ruining the moviegoing experience everywhere else.