Can you guess where this poster detail is from?


I’m 90% sure this detail from a TV promotional poster is of Los Angeles, but it could be from a future version of L.A., or one from an alternate reality.

To be fair I have to point out that I did flip this image upside down from where I took it.

Can you guess what its for? And more importantly, any theories as to why a Los Angeles cityscape would be featured so much on a poster for this show?


3 thoughts on “Can you guess where this poster detail is from?”

  1. LOST

    I’m behind on season 3…so i can’t offer any insight. although, from what I recall…the oceanic flight that crashed was headed for los angeles…i think.

  2. i recently saw a rough version of the first episode, and the flash-forward part is set in Los Angeles.

  3. **SPOILER**
    it is for lost. the final episode has flash forwards to l.a. where some of the survivors now live after getting off the island.
    10 more days until we find out how they got back here.

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