Actor Suzanne Pleshette Dies

pleshetteActor Suzanne Pleshette died yesterday as reported HERE on

Rest in peace funny lady. I watched you growing up and laughed at your wit playing the foil to Bob Newhart on his two shows.  My Mom was a fan of Bob Newhart, I was your fan in the house.

2 Replies to “Actor Suzanne Pleshette Dies”

  1. I worked with her a few times. A wonderful person and a class act. Oh, and she could out-curse any guy on the set. Indeed, may she rest in peace.

  2. ‘Tis a pity. Just a few weeks back PBS aired an American Masters episode on Bob Newhart and there was tremendous emphasis and exploration of how the chemistry between Newhart and Pleshette, both onscreen and off, really made that show work for as long as it did.

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