What’s Wrong With This Picture?


It might not jump out right away (photo is doublifiable if clicked), but there was potential for trouble here at the intersection of Wilshire and La Brea Friday morning… at least it made me do a double take before unholstering the cam for a snap.

WTF, you ask? I’m talking about the traffic signal over there on the right being green, while the ones dangling over the street are red.

No, it’s not a case of anything being out of sync. It’s a result of either A) a case of holliganism or, B) the winds from earlier in the week somehow blowing the normally east-facing signal an almost exact 90 degrees north. Show of hands that think it’s B? Yeah, me neither.

A call to 311 to report the issue continued with me being transfered to the Department of Transportation where a traffic enforcement operator answered and frankly shoulda grabbed that first cuppa joe before putting her headset on because she stifled a couple yawns during the course of my explanation and left me with the distinct impression that on a priority scale of 1 – 10 with 1 being highest, rectification of this issue rated a 12.

3 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

  1. I take issue with your numbering system. It seems to me that 10 would be the more likely to correct, where 1 would be complete disinterest. I guess that’s ’cause mine goes to 11.

  2. Edraid, you’d like to think that wouldn’t you!? But I say amps and emergencies are two different animules. When the heck has anyone ever said “The 10th Priority for this _________ (country, police force, pancake eating contest judges panel) is to …” and meant that to be of the utmost importance?

    Priority 1 is the highest, I tell you!

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