ACLU argues sex in public potty is OK

stall2.jpg Yahoo news ran the story yesterday ACLU: Sex in Restroom Stalls Is Private, The ACLU has taken on the appeal of that Idaho senator who sought a little oral pleasure at an airport this summer. Their argument relies on a case heard 38 years ago where the state ruled one had “a reasonable expectation of privacy” when they had sex in closed stalls.

Oh sweet lord, I nearly spit up my morning coffee with this one. What the hell…an expectation of privacy to having sex in a public bathroom? I honestly thought it was illegal. I expect to have a privacy so I can do my business, get in and get out. The only noise I want to hear is the plop plop whiz whiz what a relief it is. When I go into a public restroom with my kids I certainly expect the bathroom will be just what it is intended for, not walk in a sex show. Not that I’m a prude but some things I don’t want to walk in on, something I certainly don’t want my kids to be exposed to.

After reading the article in more detail and looking at a few other sources I understand their argument. The senator was arrested for an alleged invasion of privacy. They argue “The government cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Senator Craig was inviting the undercover officer to engage in anything other than sexual intimacy that would not have called attention to itself in a closed stall in the public restroom,”. Interesting twist and good use of shepardizing. Although not a CA or LA specific case it could have interesting ramifications elsewhere as it moves along.

About a month ago there was a big prostitution arrest operation in the SGV based on ads on Craigslist. Just a little curious I took at Criag’s list and found plenty of “escorts”, but more alarming was the number of ads for meeting in bathrooms at department stores, colleges and parks. Aye aye aye…nothing like alerting vice to your intentions in such a public manner.

We’ve all seen the busts over the years for sex in the parks in the paper. Griffith Park seems to lead the pack, likely because it is so huge and central. My question to you readers do you think there is a “reasonable expectation of privacy” to have sex in a closed restroom stall? Is it different between public property or private property like a department store?

Pic came to me in email. I blotted out a slang term just in case we have a young reader reading. Get’s bigger with a quick click.

6 thoughts on “ACLU argues sex in public potty is OK”

  1. Oh man Frazgo, this is interesting. It’s hard to look at this in an objective fashion without putting morality into it.

    What I think is this: at bars or places where there is an age limit to get in I think it’s completely acceptable. I think smoking should also be allowed in bars.

    I think the same laws that apply to businesses in zoning should apply to sex in stalls. If you are in a business that can be zoned for adult use (bar, adult videos, dance clubs, liquor store…) sex in stalls should be ok, but if you’re not (the zones state very clearly if you are within 50 feet of a school or where children frequent there are certain things that are not allowed) then no it should not be allowed.

    Using my junior legal knowledge, I would think owing to the fact that a kid might stumble in a bathroom stall at an airport then soliciting for sex at that location should be illegal, in regards to being zoned for it.

    I think they should have legal sex clubs for people to have anoymous sex, I think this would curb children’s exposure to it or potential exposure.


  2. All good points Browne, and you are correct it is hard to keep personal morality out.

    The whole sex club idea has problems, primarily in the spread of disease if it isn’t done safely.

    More venues like legal nude beaches would be fine as we’d know what we are walking into.

  3. Wait a second…
    You blurred that word in case of young readers, but left “Show me your cock?” I’m not saying I think either one is right or wrong. Just a funny choice.

  4. Yikes, thanks BURNS for catching the other word I needed to fix a bit. Correction is up.

    After responding to Browne I thought about this a bit more. The sex club has its own merits, certainly setting up a place they can just rock their brains out and not run the risk of kids walking into it makes sense. Keeping it in place, disease issues aside, makes it easier to just avoid it.

  5. i am offended that you’re saying sex is illegal! it’s just like calling it the “n” word.

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