Skin to Win, or: Shut The Hell Up! Last night I was lucky enough to attend Eddie Izzard’s “Work in Progress” gig at the Coronet Theatre on La Cienega. It was the first time I’d ever seen Eddie in person–at least, on stage. Last year, in a failed attempt to get into a Cinespia screening at Hollywood Forever, I caught a glimpse of him being surreptitiously ushered through gates which had already been locked. For what it’s worth, I’d arrived to queue up at 7:30pm: Much, much too late.

In any case, last night I got to see Eddie perform, finally, after years of sold out tickets and missed opportunities, and man alive–was it a blast. Izzard has got it all: lightning speed synapses, an absurd but wonderfully relatable perception of the world, and the rare ability to be both physically and verbally hilarious.

Unfortunately he’s also got…

…at least one fan who doesn’t know when to shut the hell up. The gravelly-voiced big (ahem) guy who was seated in front of me with his crew of chatty friends (like attracts like, so they say), seemed to be under the impression that it was actually his show, not Eddie’s. When Izzard appeared on stage, welcomed by a burst of frenzied applause, gravelly-voiced man shouted out, “Skin to win!” Apparently, he wanted Eddie to, um, engage in some kind of wet t-shirt performance. He also shouted, “Take it off!” He continued to shout these phrases throughout the majority of the show. Perhaps he had accidentally wandered into the Coronet, instead of the Star Strip across the way. More likely, though, he was simply some wannabe-comic goober whose mother forgot to teach him appropriate public behavior, and who overcompensates for his insecurities (ahem) by trying too hard to be funny.

No worries, though. Seeing as how Izzard is a fucking GENIUS, he made it work to his benefit, and ultimately found a brilliant way to mock this man whilst gently (and hysterically) telling him to “shut the fuck up.”

All in all, it was a killer show, though I would have preferred less audience involvement. Ahem.

9 thoughts on “Skin to Win, or: Shut The Hell Up!”

  1. I went to this show a couple months ago and was amazed at what a bizarre audience he attracts. My friend and I were the only gay people there, and he seemed to have the frat-boy demographic cornered. Strange, for a transvestite, wordly, wordy performer.

  2. Don’t worry about missing his show. Join his mailinglist, he’s been doing these now for over a year. He’s probably done over 50+ shows at the Coronet.

  3. Not only is this a regular thing for Izzard, you haven’t even missed all of the shows for this week. I can’t find the email now, but as I recall, he’s doing shows tonight, tomorrow and Sunday, too. Give the Coronet Theater box office a call for tickets. I’ve seen his “Work In Progress” shows a few times, and they keep getting better.

  4. 5000!: I second that mailing list rec. they tried to get a text subscription thing going, but seemed to not work out here on the other side of the pond.
    I went last monday and am going again this sun nite.
    i completely agree on the points of his genius and that the work in progress is getting better all the time.
    if my buddy for sun cancels, i’ll e-mail you.
    btw – kernspiracy was awesome.

  5. Man that guy was dumb. He didn’t really shut up until people around him got all fussed up about it.

    The show was great! I love Eddie, and I’m making it a point to go to his next bit.

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