Kings go for season-high fourth win in a row! Wait. Fourth?

Our beloved basement-dwelling Los Angeles Kings — who are playing so horribly they should really be wearing the old Purple and Gold to complete the flashback to 1981 — are chasing their season-high fourth win in a row tonight.

Yeah, that’s right: four games in a row. Four. Cuatro. IV.

The only thing sadder and more pathetic than the Kings having the worst record in the NHL? Their current winning streak (of three games) is one of the longest in the league.

Are there any Kings fans reading It’s painful to watch them the last few years because they Suck. So. Much. But I’ve been a fan as long as I can remember (Triple Crown line FTW!) and once held season tickets in the good old Fabulous Forum days.

5 thoughts on “Kings go for season-high fourth win in a row! Wait. Fourth?”

  1. I’m a Kings fan. I also live in Seattle so I’m rarely ever actually AT a game. You know that whole “distance makes the heart grow fonder” thing? It’s actually true.

  2. “I’m sorry, who are the Kings again?” (Goes back to polishing the Stanley Cup at the Honda Center in Anaheim).

    Kings have the history, but the Ducks have the Cup.

    Hang in there Kings Fans.

  3. Yes, its hard these days (read: last four years) being a Kings fan. And the troubling part is that on paper this is a good team…offensively:

    9th in the league in Goals
    4th in the league in PP %
    At least 5 players consistently producing goals and/or assists

    And the bad…
    3rd in the league in Goals Against
    29th in the league in PK%
    and there is no point even mentioning Goalie Jason LaBarbera’s stats

    The defense has as many holes as LaBarbera’s netminding. The talented young forwards can score even with the team in the cellar…imagine if they didn’t have to worry about their goalie everynight. Its time to get a top tier goalie. Period.

  4. Kings = box o’ chocolates

    I will renew my season tickets like I’ve done the last 3 years.

    We have heart and humor as fans…something the Ducks fans that stick around through the inevitable slump that follows post-cup will have…if they stick around.

    Emedy…we’re rebuilding…there will be no top tier goalies…Blake will go elsewhere (wave his NTC and take off hopefully. we’ll to do our best to keep Anze and the young’ns happy while we continue to grow.

    The future is bright.

    Go Kings!

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