ICME: Snow day for MUSD

It struck me funny. Snowdays were probably my most favorite weather event as a kid in the midwest. Here it is a planned event where snow is hauled down for the kid to play in since we hardly ever get snow in the LA basin. I suspect that is what is planned for our early learners today.

3 thoughts on “ICME: Snow day for MUSD”

  1. That’s cute. When we moved to CA, it was in the winter. One day, we were home because of a Snow Day, one week later, I was home because of a Smog Day.

  2. The awesome high school I was lucky to attend on Maui also had snow days. Every few years it would snow at the top of Haleakala and we would all be excused so that we could drive up and see it. Of course, half the students would grab their surfboards and hit the waves.

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