Here’s To You: Sideview Mirror Turner-Inners

Today we salute you: Mr. & Ms. Sideview Mirror Turner-Inner. Sure there aren’t many of you out there, and for those that are there are plenty who’d scoff and say you’re not doing what you do for any reason beyond your own self interest. But we few, we proud, we urban cylists… we know the truth. We know when you park your vehicle, you’re not just looking out for Number One, you’re looking out for all of us on two wheels — not just by giving us that scosh more room within which to manuever on your streets, but also to let us know loud and proud that “This Vehicle Is Unoccupied And Free From Suddenly Opening Doors. Mostly.”

So here’s to you, you kings and queens of the curb lane, you dukes and duchesses of the door zone. Because be it manually or with the push of a button, when you retract that driver’s side mirror in tight against the side of your sweet sled, you’re not only making sure it stands a better chance of being there in the morning, you’re pimping the road as a safer place to ride.

4 thoughts on “Here’s To You: Sideview Mirror Turner-Inners”

  1. Wow and to think I thought they were doing this just to keep them from getting knocked off by drunks.

  2. As LONG as cyclists (and motorcyclists) don’t slam the mirror while people are driving. I don’t know if this is a trend, but i’ve seen this happen a few times in the last 3 or 4 months.

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