Head Count: Did you get this e-mail?

I just posted about this on my own blog but after some of the comments thought it should be here as well. Check out this e-mail I got:

Hi Sean,
We organize an annual internet conference for Public Media and are coming to LA next month. We want to invite the top 25 Los Angeles-based bloggers to attend the conference at the press rate of $250. I’ve been following your blog since we chose LA as our next venue and naturally you were one of our first choices to invite. Let me know if you’re interested in attending. I’ll need to approve your registration. I especially like the photography on your blog.

P.S. You can check out our conference on our website below.

I responded asking if I was being invited to the conference or being offered a discounted ticket. No reply. Within a few minutes two more people said they got the exact same e-mail word for word. So that’s 3 of 25. Who else got it? Let’s see if we can make a list of all 25 (or *gasp* more!)

11 thoughts on “Head Count: Did you get this e-mail?”

  1. Dang. I didn’t make the cut, or I have the bestest spam filter in teh worlds.

    . . . but, honestly, who in the world pays to get into a conference as press? I don’t think I’ve ever done that, so this screams BULLSHIT to me.

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