Found on Road Alive: 1973 Pinto

Or "Pee Diddle" as we jokingly called them in high school. Spotted it in traffic today. How funny it is to find these little old beasts in use some 34 years after it first hit the road. The kid driving is 19….to put it into perspective most of them had already hit the scrap metal yards before this kid was even born. It always amazes me to see the old cars on the road and still in use in LA. Of course having grown up in the rust belt to see one this old with the doors and fenders intact is outright astounding.

pic by me with the trusty phonecam

5 thoughts on “Found on Road Alive: 1973 Pinto”

  1. Gordie, my best friend in high school had a ’72 Pinto. It had an 8-track player which we used to listen to ‘the Best of BTO”–it was the only tape that didn’t break the instant you put it in. Did you know that you can do 100 mph in a Pinto? Neither did I until I bet Gordie that you couldn’t. The car shook like a paint-mixer at that speed and I could tell that Gordie had trouble keeping it from switching lanes. We survived. All I can say is, I hope the parents of the kid that owns the Pinto in the photo has a good life insurance policy on the kid–and they know where his/her dental records are.

  2. My oh my that is a frightening thought, 100 in a pinto, I ran mine ragged and traded it in with 127K on the odo with nothing done. Needed a carb by then but…damn 100mph what were you thinking?

  3. Wow.

    My mom used to drive a Pinto… it finally died after about 12 years of use, waaay back in the early 80s. It was bright green, and I remember not really being able to see out the windows in the back seat.

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