I’m a grandpa?

babydoll.jpg Nope, not really its one of those automated dolls for my oldests “Social Living” class with Ms Ty at MHS. She has the “baby” that has 4 different cries that will go off an random to signal it wasnt to be feed, changed and who knows what else. We’ll find out soon enough.

Supposedly it is a 1 day old baby. We’ve had the “grandchild” here all of 3 hours and it isn’t anything like the real deal from what I can tell. The first month of a new born is an exercise in sleep depravation. (I like to think of that as getting primed for later years travel without them to just go, go, go and not sleep and not experience jet lag).

To learn more about the gender you have to make the jump.

Now if they really wanted to up the learning experience they could have programmed it to be a 6 week old and give it collic. Or a 3 year old that finally learned how to have a good rip roaring tantrum, the kind where their heads spin, spew pea soup and kick you telling you they hate you. There would be a few lessons to really put the fear of parenting into them. I just wonder how I survived the real deal.

Thankfully, this class involves a lot more than child rearing and is actually kind of a nice eye opener on what life after highschool is about with job hunting, resume writing, budgeting living expenses and other adult stuff. It has a lot of different elements geared to help kids get a taste of what life holds in store.

In December there was the mock wedding. It was interesting, the cafeteria was turned into a church and wedding reception. They had to plan everything, make invitations, get dresses etc.,. After it was all over my daughter was so excited and she learned a lot. I asked if part of the learning was that you can do a reception for $200 and the basement cafeteria was a good place for a reception. She was not amused. Sigh…I tried to save a bit on that looming bill.

So far this portion of the class she has learned a few lessons. There is no dinner out as a family this weekend. She isn’t happy and asked why not. “Because I won’t put any diners through a whiny baby that’s why”. Her response “I’ll go outside with it”. “Well that won’t work as it is still going to go off and annoy people until you get outside. That’s why we didn’t go out when you or your brothers when you were little…it is rude and inconsiderate to bring babies to restaurants, especially the nice ones”. She isn’t happy, but welcome to life lesson 101, kids to change your life.

At first I was a bit torn by this lesson as it’s only giving the dark side of being a parent. The sleepless nights when they are very little. The schedules that have to revolve around their more immediate needs. Even the abrupt change in ones social life she will only get a taste of it the next 4 days.

On second thought it isn’t such a bad idea to see the down side only. It could be better birth control if they know the work up front. The real deal has its rewards that balance out the work, they just don’t need to see that part so they can understand the hard changes involved.

Now for my “grandchild”….

Yup, it’s a boy and one that is not fixed. Now if they really wanted to make the diaper changing a challenge they should have given them a circumcised one so they got to learn how to change those little dressing on that little weiner and not disturb the wound.

Pic by me with the trusty phonecam. Only the lead gets bigger.

5 thoughts on “I’m a grandpa?”

  1. You didn’t go out with your kids? Gaah! If we didn’t go out to eat with our babies, we would have starved to death. OTOH, we would have also been saving about $2K+ a month in meal costs. Still, totally happy as when we go to restaurants, we always get complemented on how quiet and well-behaved our kids are. They are awesome. In public.

    How long does your kid have to do this? I’m thinking, instead of cute baby, they should give these kids an annoying, stubborn 4 year old. Like my kid! Do you want to extend the lesson? LOL!

  2. This project lasts until Tuesday.

    The restaurant thing was a progression for us. You know McD’s and similar burger doodles, then Denny’s then the smaller local family restaurants. By the time they were 4-5 they were good anywhere we went and we to the compliments on their behavior. I just can’t do the under one set out to eat, if they let loose it ruins our meal and everyone around us.

    Stubborn 4yo? Ha….a boy? My daughter was the perfect kid, we only found out recently she was saving her ornary stuff for High school. The boys…tested us and drove us nuts, I still don’t know how we kept them from killing themselves before they made it to 5. Trade…are you kidding mine are finally human beings.

  3. We spend the first two years of their little lives begging them to walk and talk — and the next 16 years begging them to sit down and shut up ;-)

  4. @frazgo: the 4 yr. old is a know-it-all, lil mama. She throws some serious ‘tude that she could have only learned from me. Daddy says, “How about we do [insert thing she doesn’t want to do]. Baby girl pulls a mama line, “Um. How about no?”

    @Lee: Yep. My husband just said, “Remember when we wonder what she had to say?” I said, “Yeah and now that we know, we spend all this time sh-shing her.” We have a 2 yr. old boy and we’re wondering, “Is it too late to raise him as a mute?”

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