The Hundreds Tours Fairfax

Canter's Deli

I’m guessing that when I wrote recently that I had been sneaker shopping on Fairfax, there were at least few readers that thought to themselves, “WTF?” After all, the stretch of Fairfax between Melrose and Beverly has long been known mostly as a focal point of LA’s Jewish community and, of course, as the home of the historic but amazingly over-rated Canter’s Deli. In the last two years, however, the Fairfax District has become what’s arguably the hottest spot for streetwear aficionados in the country. Streetwear brand/magazine The Hundreds has a shop just off Fairfax at Rosemont, and awhile back they posted this tour of Fairfax that makes for a good introduction. It’s from last August, so it’s missing a few of the newer spots like Family, but it’s sure to be of interest to anyone that’s on the hunt for some ultra rare Jordans or the newest Diamond Supply tee.

Photo by Laughing Squid and used under Creative Commons license.