It’s National Delurking Day Week!

OK, I missed the official day for delurking, which was last Thursday. But I have an excuse! Many excuses. Don’t worry, I’ll keep them to myself.

Last year’s series of posts were among the most popular in the entire Metroblogging network, which proved to me just how many awesome readers we’ve got… and how few of you speak up regularly.

Here’s your chance! If you don’t regularly comment — hell, even if you do — leave one today. If you have a blog or website, be sure to put the URL in the space provided, and feel free to give a brief description in your comment.

Last year I got overwhelmed by the responses and I’m not sure everyone’s sites made it onto our blogroll (though I know one delurker made it onto our author roll!). This year I’ll endeavor to add you as soon as you comment, allowing, of course, that I am not always by the computer.

10 thoughts on “It’s National Delurking Day Week!”

  1. Regular reader and occasional commenter. No relation (that I know of) to b.LA contributor Jason Burns. Back in L.A. now, but when I moved away for two years, b.LA helped me keep in touch with home. Thanks.

  2. daily and semi-obsessive reader.

    infrequent commenter.

    and one of the many musicians in this city of angels.

    a day late…but i’m here just the same.

  3. Regular reader, very infrequent commenter. Oh, and by the way, some of the areas north of Hollywood aren’t so bad. ;-)

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