We beat the big media, but will it help North Primrose?


Traffic and speeding is a pretty small issue that does get a lot of attention here in the Metro LA area. My little burg is just that…a small town in the metro area but we have our share of problems that need attention to get resolved.  I put up the story and picture of the problem originally yesterday morning HERE as I found it interesting the steps people will take to get things done. 

The local paper, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune ran the story yesterday afternoon HERE.  Doing my usual morning cruise of the news I spotted this bit on KCBS.   Beating the big guys to the punch is one thing, so what if I broke the story if nothing happens. The question begs to be answered will the bigger media attention help these folks out or will city hall continue business as usual and go about its business and do nothing?

Do you think a group has a chance with the city in getting help?