Sweatin’ Bullets: Night Observer

pic by Wes Tennyson, used under Creative Commons

Daniel Kells was an eyewitness to the chaos that preceded last Saturday’s fatal shooting of a young male near an underage (and reportedly underground) “Red Level” party near the Beverly Center.

Ironically, Laure at Apartment Therapy is being evicted. And could end up receiving between $6,800 to $17,000 for the inconvenience.

Daymen at Street Heat was forced to hitchhike after his regular MTA bus blew past him.

Eater LA reports that the Medusa Lounge, formerly Lowenbrou Keller, has reopened.

Michael “Mayor Sam” Higby is calling for Los Angeles to secede from… Los Angeles. “Lets be our own city and leave Downtown to the Mayor and Eli Broad to lord over.”

Tabloid Baby opines on the numerous news and blog sites posting the Tom Cruise Scientology video this week: “We say it’s interesting. It’s strange. And it’s his religion. So lay off the guy! This was America last time we checked.”