One step closer to Big Brother and 1984?

The Foothill Cities Blog ran a great story titled “All Your Thermostats Are Belong to Us”. It links further to a story on World Net Daily.

The short of it is that there is some plans afoot that would give the government control of our air-conditioning, gas or electric furnaces even computers during energy emergencies. This to prevent the rolling black outs of the past.

Or is this to extend the time in which to improve our infrastructure as some have opined? Will it easily be circumvented by buying hardware from out of state or giving your “8-year-old with a screwdriver can easily render any “non-removable” FM receiver “non-functioning”?

I’m big on energy conservation for a lot of reasons. Some due to environmental concerns, other simply because I’m a cheap SOB and hate paying big bills for heating or air-conditioning. That is why I invested years ago in things like ceiling and wall insulation in my 1950’s tract house. That is why I have programmable thermostats to control the A/C and heat. I buy the highest energy star rating I can get.

Do you think this is a wise plan? Is it a plan you will simply follow and not fight? Speak up and act up while you have the chance.

2 thoughts on “One step closer to Big Brother and 1984?”

  1. It’s stupid to make them so the consumer can’t override the “big brother” setting. First, as pointed out, it’s a no-brainer to render it non-functioning. The only answer to that is outlawing hacking the xmitter, thus bringing the govt. further into our homes.

    Also, what about folks with health or mechanical (eg. computer room) needs? How long before we get the “90 year old grandma dies of heat stroke” story?

    It’s fine, and probably even a good idea, to build in the capability. But to make it mandatory, with no consumer override, is just bad.

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