ICME:passive aggressive in action


It caught my eye this morning on a little meander about Monrovia after I finished running circles getting kidlets to school.  Obviously there is a neighbor problem.  I love the “two time iraq vet” add…was that supposed to appeal to our patriotic side?  Invoke a little sympathy? 

Pic by me, won’t get bigger no matter how hard you try to click.  FYI I ‘shopped out the phone number to give the guy a little privacy.

11 thoughts on “ICME:passive aggressive in action”

  1. I saw no other sign, just that one. I can’t imagine that would be a problem, but you never know when neighbors get their panties in a knot.

  2. No patriotic twinge or induced sympathy here. Instead the impression I’m left with is somewhat disconcerting, maybe because of his vague readiness to “remedy” the situation coupled to his veteran status. Kinda creepy… or maybe it’s just me.

  3. My read on the situation (totally unsubstantiated by facts, of course).

    The poster is responding to passive-aggressive neighbors who complained to the police (or similar authority) about the loud music, rather than addressing him personally.

    The “iraq vet” thing is a subtle intimidation tactic. It says, “Don’t fuck with me because I’m a big, strong military guy who can fight back.”

  4. Wow spinslps that is an interesting article. But not all vets from Iraq have that. At least one I know is a positive roll model and all around great guy at my kids school. But wow, one slips a cog and look out.

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