Can you embarrass city hall into action?

npslowdown.jpg During my morning running circles to get the kids to school I spotted this forest of bright yellow signs on North Primrose here in Monrovia. After I dropped the last of them off I stopped by and learned that they all said “slow down”, so I decided to grab the camera and started walking and shooting.

What I learned you can get after the jump.

For a good two blocks or so there were many “slow down” signs with the same referral to an email address. I spotted quite a few cars flying up and down the street. I watched several residents have to wait and try to get out of their driveways and had difficulties as there were so many cars parked tight on the street.

As I walked about one couple asked me if I was “Robert”. Nope, I wasn’t and gave a short intro as to who I was. I asked what it was about. I got quite a bit of information.

In short this couple had lived on Primrose for 20 years and this was one of many attempts trying to get the city to do something about the traffic on North Primrose. This field of “slow down” signs was another, almost last ditch attempt to get some action out of the city.

Speeding is an issue. Their request to have the intersection of Oak Ave and Primrose turned to a 4 way stop has fallen on deaf ears.

They are also concerned about the apartments closer to Foothill not parking in their driveways and carports. They have significant safety concerns as the street is packed full of parked cars overflowing from the apartments to the point they can’t see to get out of their own driveways. The problem is worsened by customers of the businesses on Foothill parking on Primrose when their lots are full. Requests to have permit parking established has not happened.

They are concerned about the trash being left on their yards from the fast food and liqour establishments on Foothill. I understand that one, but the city can’t control what a businesses customers do, but they can pressure the business to set up better trash control on their property.

Kind of interesting to see neighborhood activism in action. Sad that they have to go to these extremes, and costs to get a city to listen and respond with action, but it is good to know some folks do care.

Pic by me. I bracketed the exposures and post processed with Photomatix HDR generation and tonemapping. I then converted the file to jpeg and post processed with virtual photographer. It does get bigger with a click.

9 thoughts on “Can you embarrass city hall into action?”

  1. Very cool you took the time to ask some questions.
    I’d be curious to know what actions they’d taken to permit the street for parking. Is there a neighborhood council that can petition the city on their behalf?
    As for speeding – the shame is that cities will rarely take any action until enough accidents prove it would be financially feasible to install lights or add police to monitor the traffic.

  2. I always ask questions. I found if I tell them I’m a blogger not a reporter and don’t press for info I get a lot more results. Something about remaining anonymous helps.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to blog about this, I live on Primrose and have a sign in my yard. It’s good to see that at least one person noticed the signs the first morning that they went up!!!

  4. It seems to be a problem in lots of places. Many people seem to think that speed limits only apply when there is a police officer around.

    It’s definitely a problem in the area I live in too. Some cities have gone as far as installing permanent radar speed signs that flash “slow down” when you exceed the speed limit, but lots of drivers have even turned making those flash into kind of a game.

    I lived in Monrovia for 3 years (from 8 to 11) and I remember being able to ride my bike or skateboard around without having to worry too much about speeders.

  5. Cheryl you hit the “slow down” radar signs problem perfectly. It has become a game to see how fast they can trip. The worst by far on the one on Foothill Blvd was an Audi A8L, no front plate that tripped it at 83mph in a 35mph zone. This warning is at a unprotected crosswalk serving 3 schools on Foothill Blvd.

    Despite requests no light has been put up there, and without an officer there 24/7 people ignore the speed warning and people in the crosswalk.

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