Silver Lake’s Backdoor Bakery & Cafe’s Last Day

January 13, 2008 at 5:15 am in Food & Drink

On the heels of the vaunted L.A. Mill Coffee Boutique finally and grandly opening comes the crap news* that Silver Lake’s beloved Backdoor Bakery & Cafe — makers of the Bestest Damn Fried Egg & Bacon Sammich On Sourdough Ever — up the street will be closing its doors after some 17 years at its location on Silver Lake Boulevard across from Spaceland. Today, thanks to their landlord serving them up 30 days notice last month.

From the post at Backdoor’s MySpace blog:

I wish I could say we were leaving happily, but the snarky fact is that our landlady, Myrna Marin, owner of Modem Salon [next door], kicked us out with only 30 days notice in December. I guess this was her Christmas present to us and our staff. Well at least that’s how we’re taking it.

The good news is that the owners are making arrangements to re-open at a bigger location. The bad news is they don’t know how long that’ll take or where they’ll be. Too bad they can’t move into what once was Nelly’s next door but last I saw was still the shell of renovational nothingness it’s been for what seems more than a year now.

* Thanks to the tip from our Sean… who knows more about what’s going on here from his present location in London than I do from a half-mile away.

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