Rampaging Balloon Assassin Halted by Courageous Girls!

There I was, on a peaceful Saturday afternoon, enjoying this LA City and Chivas USA sponsored event called Kick-it at the Park when out of nowhere, some crazed balloon hater goes on a popping spree, assaulting innocent rubber orbs that were just minding their own business. I have to confess, I was too scared to do anything about it since I didn’t want to get mixed up in a case of random park violence again, but luckily some young girls came by to save the day! More than a few balloons were saved due to their unwavering resolve, and I consider them heroes.

Oh yeah, click ahead for a few more pictures of this event, though I think that clip was the highlight.


It’s nice to see these sort of events happening in the neighborhood, this one being at the local Rio de Los Angeles State Park. But damn do I hate Chivas. Go Galaxy!


Lots of kids showed up for the soccer clinic.


Hmm, can anyone guess what’s wrong with this picture? The kid in the background is clearly stepping into the pitch and violating one of the basic rules of Futbol.


There were a few booths still up, but I got there late, as usual.


Rows of tarps ready to be picked up. If Super King wasn’t so damned interesting I’d have been there much earlier.


Something happened here, earlier I guess.


A booth by disney and some paint company.


Kids ready to kick around a ball. The game only requires a ball, and maybe something to define the goal posts. No wonder it’s the most popular sport around the world.

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  1. Arriba las Chivas!

    These kinds of events don’t really benefit the community, in my opinion. They’re often just a large supermarket for people to buy more crap or get free samples of things they’ll never use/buy. Ah, so pointless…

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