All that Rain didn’t do much good

soil%20damp.jpg Up here in outer Monrovia we had somewhere around 9″ of rain from last weekends storms. Today I found out how little all that rain did to help the dry soil around here. The soil was wet only about 1″ down, after that it was powder dry. Where did all the rain go? Probably straight to the ocean as run off through the storm drains. Very little went to recharging the water tables through percolation. I hope we have a series of good storms to help get us some real drough relief here, but more importantly in the entire SW where we are growing faster than our water supplies can keep up. I really don’t look forward to water rationing aka forced cutbacks in consumption.

Pic by me with the trusty cell phone cam, does get bigger but not much better.

One thought on “All that Rain didn’t do much good”

  1. as long as the rain went up into the mountains (sierras and so forth) we should be good. The snow pack is what counts to help get us out. So let it snow let it snow!

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