Women Directors Night at the Egyptian – Tonight!

Much to my chagrin, women directors (and writers and producers and on and on) don’t get a lot of films made. So it’s cool that tonight, the American Cinemateque is hosting it’s third annual “Focus on Female Directors” at the Egyptian Theater. They wanted to create an event that empowers women, especially young women to make movies.

There are shorts by Jennifer Aniston and Andrea Buchanan, “Room 10”, Sophie Barthes’ “Happiness” about a woman working in a condom factory and a short made in 1913 by Lois Weber, who was head of production for Universal way back when, called, “How Men Propose”. Lot’s more too.

So round up your girlpower gang and have a fun evening. The Egyptian is at 6712 Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood. The program starts at 7:30 PM and it’s $10.00.