Driving to Meetings About the Evils of Cars

Senator Barbara Boxer (D – CA), who chairs the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, is holding a field briefing in Los Angeles today to “examine the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) recent decision to deny the state of California a waiver under the Clean Air Act to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles.”

The meeting is taking place at Los Angeles City Hall. Downtown. At the heart of L.A.’s Metro Rail and bus system. Yet, the Senate committee’s website only gives you driving directions. You know, for cars.

Senate, you know I love you guys like a fat kid love cake. But, seriously, take a look at Metro’s map. All those pretty lines and numbers aren’t just for looks. Both the Red Line subway and a Rapid Bus Line cruise right past your little meeting. Hello?

Government. Alive and well in America.

2 thoughts on “Driving to Meetings About the Evils of Cars”

  1. Maybe they just assumed that LA transit riders are bright enough to figure out how to get to City Hall on their own.

    I mean, it’s not exactly a big mystery.

  2. This is a common problem. Down here in Long Beach, I’m irked that none of the ads for our big events (like the Grand Prix or Gay Pride) even suggest taking the Blue Line, which goes right to downtown Long Beach.

    I wish the city would mandate that large events promote transit as part of the permit requirements…..

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