Vote for the White House from the Big House!

Are you one of the dozens of fans that read us daily from jail? Does it bother you to be incarcerated during such an exciting Presidential primary race? Do you long for your voice to be heard on Proposition 91 or Measure A?

Don’t despair, prisoner. Gather ’round your cellmates and spread the news… The Los Angeles County Registrar has a Guide to Inmate Voting.

Fun facts to talk about at lights-out:

  • Persons who have been convicted of a felony in California may be eligible to register and vote after they have served their sentence and are no longer on parole.
  • You can still register to vote if you are awaiting or on trial for any crime and have not been convicted.
  • All registered voters have the right to receive election material in one of six languages other than English. (Take that, Markland!)

Don’t drop the soap. Don’t forget to vote. California Presidential primary is February 8 February 5.


4 thoughts on “Vote for the White House from the Big House!”

  1. This is also relevant in skid row. Most people here who are ex felons and are not on parole are told they can not vote. Thanks for the Clarifications , been getting asked this question a lot lately.

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