TV Makes a Mockery of Itself

Can you still have an after-party in L.A. if there is no party?

The People’s Choice Awards were “televised” last night. The 10 million fans who voted would probably like some sort of a refund. Maybe a gift card to Urban Outfitters, or a free lube.

I caught the very tail end of the show, hosted by Queen Latifah. No audience, no stars. Just taped acceptance speeches and giant on-stage video screens to keep Queen company. Not only was it a major embarrassment for CBS, but it made me feel incredibly sad for actors like Nikki Blonsky, who got to make her first-ever acceptance speech… on videotape.

I give Queen Latifah credit. In the few minutes that I watched in horror, all I could think about was what a class act she was in trying to pull the whole thing off by herself. A true professional.

C’mon guys, get back to the negotiating table. Los Angeles needs to get back to work.

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