Shepard Fairey vs. Frank Gehry

SHEP-LA-PHIL-poster.jpgShepard Fairey was commissioned to make this print as part of the L.A. Phil’s “Concrete Frequency Series,” running now through January 17th. The series explores “how cities and music define each other” with concerts at Walt Disney Hall including film scores and Frank Zappa, screenings at the Arclight of “Taxi Driver” and “A Clockwork Orange,” and other events.

I’m incredibly disappointed that I missed Zooey Deschanel at Tuesday night’s “singer/songwriter program” that included pared down performances by a number of artists. I’ll have to keep a closer on the schedule for other upcoming events (which can be found here).

…thanks to Weston Doeber for sending this our way…

2 thoughts on “Shepard Fairey vs. Frank Gehry”

  1. i went to the show and it was pretty good.
    i’m gonna have to agree with the danial though. o find fairley’s blind ambition to build an empire around that image of andre the giant appauling. when i saw a slide projectors in the lobby of all the places he put it i wanted top punch him. next time i see him at that lame la cita night sneeking arounf stichering that fucking thing i’m gonna do something about it. and while i’m on that, does this city have nothing better to offer that that lame ass night?

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