Indie Studios making scripts available free online

I don’t know if its tied to the WGA strike at all, but this year my friends who are in SAG haven’t been receiving the usual handful of screeners.

On the flip side, this year a couple studios are making available, for free, online, complete screenplays for film’s they’d like to be considered for awards.

Yep – writers work being offered up for free. Not sure how the WGA feels about this, but hopefully some people will recognize the hard work and craft that goes into making a quality screenplay.

Paramount Vantage is offering up “A Mighty Heart,” “Into the Wild,” “The Kite Runner,” “Margot at the Wedding,” and “There Will Be Blood.”

Fox Searchlight has “The Darjeeling Limited,” “Juno,” “The Namesake,” “Once,” “The Savages,” and “Waitress.”

…h/t to /Film