UCLA alumni shot and killed by OC police

photo from The Daily Bruin.

The Daily Bruin reports that Michael Sungman Cho, a 2005 graduate of UCLA, was shot and killed by two police officers in a La Habra parking lot on New Year’s Eve.

Officers had responded to two calls from the same person about vehicles in a shopping center allegedly being vandalized and the second call listed Cho as the suspect, according to the Orange County Register.

Two officers who arrived at the shopping center, now on administrative leave, saw Cho holding a tire iron and ordered him to put it down.

Investigators said the officers saw Cho turn and walk from them twice and during the second time, he made a motion that appeared to attack an officer, who shot him. After that, the second officer used his gun.

The Bruin provides student memories of Cho, referring to him as “a considerate and kind person who was appreciative of all types of art.”

Friends and family are calling the police reaction “excessive and unnecessary” and are petitioning for a Federal Investigation into Cho’s death.

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