Point Break Live! at Charlie O’s, Brah

Point Break Live!Given that properties like The Lion King and Spider-Man have been turned into Broadway shows, it’s probably not surprising that there’s a theater adaptation of everybody’s favorite 1992 surf thriller Point Break. But the genius part of Point Break Live!, playing Friday and Saturday at downtown’s Charlie O’s, is that there’s no Johnny Utah in the cast. The role made famous by Keanu “I Am an F-B-I Agent” Reeves is instead played by an audience member selected at random at every show and who reads his lines from a cue card. The results, I imagine, are probably fairly close to the original.

Point Break Live!
Friday, Jan 11th & Saturday, Jan 12th
8:00 pm
$20 (buy tickets)

Charlie O’s at the Alexandria
501 S. Spring St.

4 thoughts on “Point Break Live! at Charlie O’s, Brah”

  1. Went to see it this past Saturday. I’m tempted to say it’s better than the original. Really hilarious – would recommend to anyone.

  2. I saw this last night and it was awesome! And I say that as a person who was completely sober when I saw it. The guy they picked from the audience did a super job as Johnny Utah and the whole thing was hilarious! The only drawback was that the seating kind of sucked and so I had to stand the whole time, but the aching feet were worth it!

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