People, let’s knock it off with the bodies already, ok?

OK it was amusing the first few times but now it’s just annoying. Frankly, I’m sick of you slobs leaving bodies all over the city and just expecting people to pick them up for you. Today there was one in Long Beach and one in Artesia. Really people, what kind of family were you brought up in where it’s just OK to leave bodies all over the place? It’s totally rude and not to mention a bit gross. Please keep that in mind next time, ok? The people of LA county will thank you for it.

15 thoughts on “People, let’s knock it off with the bodies already, ok?”

  1. Perhaps a call to the LA Department of Public Works Bureau of Sanitation Bulky Item Pickup Hotline might do the trick…1-800-773-2489!

  2. Sorry, the city can’t pick-up bodies untill after the 14th. There busy picking up christmas trees.

  3. Les, get with the program. Will Campbell is picking up the trees this year, leaving the city the burden of picking up abandoned couches and bodies.
    Just, please, leave them at the curb and not in open water or recycling cans.

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